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Marston Brassware has spent years perfecting its trade of supplying the highest quality shower heads WORLDWIDE.

A privately owned business, Marston Brassware’s road to success began in the early 1980’s and with over 30 years experience the company has gone on to become one of the United Kingdom’s top manufacturers of the finest bathroom brassware. Based in the Midlands, Marston has spent years perfecting its trade of supplying the highest quality shower heads and tube manipulation services worldwide.

One of the only British companies to not only manufacture their shower heads in the UK, but use the skillful art of spinning to ensure a precision finish, Marston continue to remain true to its manufacturing roots. During this time the company has expanded its facilities to include the production of riser pipes, shower arms, ceiling arms and a huge variety of high quality handmade traditional bathroom accessories.

Providing high quality but cost effective British brassware

In its ‘sister’ company Metal Polishing there is also the provision to polish all types of brass components as services have gone from strength to strength. The objective has always been to provide high quality but cost effective British brassware and with the most highly skilled assemblers, machinists and polishers with over a 100 years combined experience, this aim has been reached with minimum fuss.

Superiority is a pre-requisite

These such in house facilities also enable Marston to provide an excellent OEM facility as the company holds capacity to manufacture brass parts, tubes and accessories specifically to design. Having full control of its assembly and production also enables Marston to provide the most competitive prices, and it’s no wonder these attributes have helped establish the company as major force in the bathroom industry.

Today, Marston Brassware has some of the highest profile clients in the UK which has lead to their shower heads and bathroom accessories being fitted in a whole host of exclusive commercial and residential properties throughout the world.

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